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We Are The World music video (MV) | Vistana Hotel Penang Christmas Light Up Charity Event 2012

We Are The World music video (MV) | Vistana Hotel Penang Christmas Light Up Charity Event 2012

“Mr Dylan, representing Rumah Seri Cahaya, Mr Bertie, General Manager of Eden Handicap Service Centre, Mr Zemes Wong from Momenz Creation Cinematography, Mr Patrick Guan, principal of Cherrie Heart Playschool, ladies and and gentleman, boys and girls. A very good evening and welcome to Vistana Penang 3rd Christmas light up ceremony.

Each year, Christmas is celebrated throughout the world in the most joyous mood. Christmas mean Holidays, presents, Santa Claus, Christmas tree decoration, nice meal and fun time with friends.
But as we could see from the video here, there are still a huge number of children around the world whom not only couldn’t have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas, some are starving, thinking when can they have their next meal.

Some are homeless, thinking what to do if there is a sudden storm.

Some are abandoned, thinking who could protect them.

Some are born in a less fortunate condition, thinking why are they different from others.

Some, whose home are taken away by natural disaster, leaving them thinking why are the world so cruel to them.

Today, let us just take a few moment to remember that there are still a lot of children who are still struggling to live out there in this world, struggling for foods, struggling for shelters, and yearning for love.

Ladies and gentleman, we don’t need to be a millionaire to help these children. What we need, is just love. And love, is what matter most to the children.

Think about them, feel for them, give to them. And allow me to end with a little poem I found on the net title rainbow.

I saw a rainbow
A rainbow in the sky
A multitude of colors
It hit my soul and died
I think that life’s not equal
And that’s just how it is
But in my mind are thoughts
Picture of another place
Where dreams are found and caught
I wonder why not me
But then I see the rainbow
One day I will be free
So here I am, just waiting
My mind, I keep it strong
A rainbows end is magic
Believing isn’t wrong
I hold the good inside me
Forget about the rest
The sky, it holds the answer
And when I see the rainbow
I’ll know I will find the way.

Thank you and I hope everyone will have a great evening today. Merry Christmas. ”

By Jack Lim, Hotel Manager
Vistana Hotel Penang.

Think about them
Feel for them
Give to them

Pertubuhan Rumah Kebajikan Seri Cahaya’s Children
Address: J741, Permatang Damar laut, Batu Maung, 11960 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang.
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Present by Vistana Hotel Penang (
Film by Momenz Creation (
Recording Studio: Shishoki Production (

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