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Wignes + Gin Ling // Park Royal Hotel Penang

Videographer in Penang Malaysia

Wignes + Gin Ling // Park Royal Hotel Penang

Wignes & Gin Ling
An Indian Chinese Fusion Wedding Celebration
– Wonderful meeting of souls and cultures!

Love has no boundaries for race, color, culture and language….
2 friends who turned lovers, a beautiful cross of Indian and Chinese, the best of both cultures celebrated together with all blessings from family and friends.

Eng Hooi:
To Wignes & Gin Ling, thanks for everything, it had been such a great experience and moments for all of us in Momenz Creation to be involved in your BIG day celebration.

The temple ceremony was full of meaningful moments and blessings, with family and friends all coming together to witness the True Love between two lovers who came from different background and culture, joint together as one, sharing their loves together, between their family and friends.

The wedding dinner reception was one of the most wonderful wedding dinner I ever attended, the evening was with full of joys, surprises and lots of happiness to be shared and remembered among family and friends, all together, celebrating the night for the lovely couple.

Wishing you both ~ Forever Love.

Chien Hoong:
“It was truly wonderful to see the joining together of two individuals, two cultures, two hearts and two lives as one. The night was filled with great food and excellent music, along with the company of old friends, all in celebration of this momentous occasion for Gin Ling and Wignes.”

Shu Hong:
True love get thru all. =)

Kean Beng:
A magical evening filled with fantastic music and dancing with the lovely couple and some of our good friends.

It was a fascinating night, the groom can really dance. Good video presentation.

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